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More stuff for the WWW

We lived for a long time without the World Wide Web. It is now being put forward as an invaluable and necessary part of life. It isn't. It's all just stuff. Much of the Web is brilliant and amazing and utterly fascinating, but it's still stuff. Remember: for every person on the internet there are 80 who are not. This is my page of stuff for the minority.

Not Under Construction. This page is being fixed by placing it on a piece of wood and banging a few nails through it. It's not under construction, but is slowly and constantly changing as new things are drawn, written and found. "Under Construction" implies there will be an end to the construction and the site will be finished. There won't be and it won't be.

Wow this is an uninteresting page! No flashy gifs! Few animations! It only has content.


Stories about Mavrik The Dragon Mostly done

Stories about other thingsNot done

Rants, observations, and other things in my life.Not done

Bat Rescue Diaries

My LiveJournal, if you're interested in reading about my boring life.


Photos, and CG images I've drawn using MORay and POVRAY and Ultrafractal, and some photos of stuff. Thumbnail proggy by the amazing nome, who hosts this site.

Images of me, by various people.

Nightlife. A comic about bats
Nightlife. A comic about Bats.


Links to friend's pages, online comics, and things I find interesting.

Nothing here yet due to lazyness on my part

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