Mavrik The Dragon in 8thC Anglo-Saxon font

In which Mavrik discovers the true cost of eating a cow, and meets some unexpected friends.

Snow Bound
In which Mavrik meets a furry dragon and helps her rescue her mate.

Flood Tidings
In which Mavrik is lost, and finds out some interesting things about his past.

In which Mavrik discovers more about his real parents

In which Mavrik demonstrates the strength of his powers, and meets someone surprising.

Dwarf And Dragon
In which Amraan the little furry dragon makes a friend.
This was going to be the comic relief for 'Healer,' which is why the two stories have the same start.

Dragon Dreams
A short story about Pen, the wizard.

Itching Day
Another short story which explains why Mavrik was grey with dark stripes in the first story, and black with dark grey stripes in the following stories.

In which Kehvarl learns a lesson.

Dragon Keep
In which Mavrik and his family learn the noble art of war, human style.

In which Ilyrin discovers a new talent.

Aurani And The Foxgloves.
In which Mavrik must take Aurani to see some old friends.

Elflands1: Stone Width inn
In which Mavrik and his family travel to the Elflands, and meet a friend on the way.

Elflands 2: Cities Of Elves.
In which Mavrik and Pen find the elves in trouble, and discover the cause.
With this story I finish this cycle, but it will not be the last Mavrik story. He tells me there are others to come.

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